Wednesday, October 31, 2012

E.L.F Nail Polish- Round One

As I posted before. I got this great little gift cube of mini e.l.f polish.  I am going to start swatching them for you. This first round are the 4 brown shades.
Glamour Girl,Smokey Brown, Desert Haze, and Taupe of the World. As much as I like earth tones, I have never bought a brown shade of polish. I really like these.
This is also my first time applying this brand and so far I really like it. You could get away with just one coat if you wanted.

I used two coats of each. They look better in person. I need to find some better lighting. The weirdness/ ridges you see is just strange shadowing. This polish went on beautifully with no streaking or lines.

Glamour Girl, on my pointer finger has a little shimmer/ glitter to it.
Smokey Brown, on my middle finger is a deep dark chocolaty brown.
Desert Haze. on my ring finger is my least favorite of the brown colors.
Taupe of the World (Love the name!), on my pinky is also a rich dark brown but a couple shades lighter than the Smokey Brown.

As I was thinking of ways to describe the colors, coffee and chocolate kept coming to mind. Nice colors of you like brown nail polish.

Friday, October 26, 2012

E.L.F Nail Polish

I just bought a gift cube of E.L.F nail polish at Target for $10. w00t! It has 14 mini bottles in it. I just couldn't resist. Here is a peek at the colors.

If Frankenstorm Sandy doesn't knock out my power or internet...I will swatch them for you on Monday.

BirchBox October 2012

I just got my first one today! I was a little wary about it because I have seen A LOT of disappointed people the last couple of months. Had I gotten a box with tea bags and a Luna bar, I too would have been a little peeved. Luckily, I did not. I am quite pleased with my first box.

Product Card
In the Box

I really like this so far. It feels really nice on my lips. It doesn't have a "taste" but it smells really nice.

I have not tried this on my face yet. Just on the back of my hand. It has a really nice soft feel to it. It will be great for a highlighter or to add a bit of shimmer to your eyes.

One of the things I am looking forward to with the sample boxes are fragrances. I want to find some scents I like without going to a store and smelling them all at once. This way I can wear it and make sure it goes with my chemistry. This one I really like. Often times I like the smell of a perfume but after I put it on it smells like bug stray. Viva La Juicy La Fleur did not let me down. Great scent and I love the little spray bottle.

I am excited about the hair powder. I was even in the store looking at the dry shampoos the other day. I haven't tried this yet but will come back and comment on it when I do. The hair tie is cute. My 9 year old daughter loves hair thingies, so this I will pass on to her.

Drug Store . com sale

Last week was giving 40% off their cosmetics. I held back and only got a few thing. Last thing I need is the husband giving me the look. I have kind of came out of left field with my new hobby.

My Small Haul
See I was pretty good! I got 3 Milani nail polishes in Pink Hottie, Dude Blue, and Fuchia (Glitter). The yellow one is Maybelline Color show in Fierce In Tangy.
I also got a Maybelline cover stick and Revlon precision lash adhesive. I need a concealer and figured I would try this one out. Unfortunately I got it too light so it doesn't work. We will talk about my new false lashes at a later date.

Not the best mani ever!

The pink and blue were awesome. They applied easily and 2 coats was plenty. You could even do 1 of the blue. The glitter is thick and heavily loaded with gorgeous glitter. A glitter fans dream. The yellow.. well we did not get along very good. I did 4 coats and it still looked uneven and streaky. I also bumped it on my desk before it dried...  I will probably be buying more Milani polishes. I liked these quite a bit.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

OPI Nail Envy- Matte

I read a lot of good things about this product, so I went out and bought a bottle a few of weeks ago.  When I started using it my nails were fairly long and in OK shape. About a week after using it my nails started to peel in weird layers and break. I really want to like this product so I have clipped my nails off and started using it again.

I plan to do weekly updates with my nails. I am looking forward to the outcome. You can not really tell in this picture but it leave a really nice matte finish on your nails. Good for guys that want healthier nails but not the shiny effect. Wouldn't want to guys to know you have your nails done!

My nails today.


After a little time my nails went from bad to worse. The end shatters if I hit my nail on anything and they are peeling in layers really bad. I am going to quite using this product. I do not think it is a bad product. It works miracles for too many people for that statement. It is just not working for me. Maybe my nails were already healthy and adding more was over kill. *shrugs*

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

E.L.F Brand cosmetics

I have heard several good things about this brand recently. It wasn't until the husband and I went to Target to find some liquid eyeliner for Halloween that I found out it could be purchased at a drug store. The prices shocked me. $1.00 for most things! I could have really bought a lot but I was good.

What I did get was The High Definition Powder, the Daily Brush Cleaner, a Matte Lip Color, and two different eyeliners.

I decided the try the eyeliners this morning. One on each eye. 
One is a liquid eyeliner. I do not really like applying these. The little tiny brush is fine, I do not like the wet feel of the eyeliner. The other is a waterproof eyeliner pen.(felt). I like they way this one applies a lot better. You can also get a smudged smokey look easier with the pen.

I have been wearing these for 2 hours and both have run under my eye. Not badly but there is some liner settled under my eyes. I did not set them with powder or anything. All I had on my face was Estee Lauder BB cream, so maybe that caused it to happen. This is the same problem I have with most liners. Thankfully these were just bought to draw on my kids face for Halloween.
I will stick with my Inglot gel liner.

Product Description- e.l.f. High Definition Powder
The e.l.f. High Definition Powder is a translucent, versatile loose powder that creates a flawless, "soft focus" effect to the skin. Masks fine lines and imperfections for a glowing, radiant complexion. This incredibly soft and invisible powder is ideal for everyday wear, either alone or over your favorite e.l.f. foundation. Our HD Powder is a makeup artist and e.l.f. customer favorite, and at only $6, it can be yours at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

I have been using this for several days and I really like the soft matte it gives my face. It seems to do exactly what is says it suppose to do. Can't beat the cost either! 

The brush cleaner works great. Pretty basic cleaner. Spray it on and swipe your brush on a cloth to clean it, let it air dry.

Product Description- Studio Matte Lip Color- Rich Red
This convenient jumbo sized lip pencil creates exact color application with twist up ease so you never have to sharpen. The pigment rich color glides on effortlessly and easily to provide long lasting matte color. The enriched Vitamin A, C & E formula moisturizes and hydrates lips for beautiful healthy looking lips.

I like Matte lip colors better because I do not tend to lick and rub my lips together as much with them. This brand lasts  several hours even with me drinking fluids constantly. I look forward to purchasing more colors.

Friday, October 19, 2012

myhd Salon Professional DIY Permanent Hair Color Remover

For years I have dyed my hair a Medium auburn brown. One day I got sick of the red in my hair and bought a dark brown...Huge mistake. I do not know what happened but my hair came out black.

I though my only options for removing it was bleach. After scouring the net for days I found a product called Color Oops. Many reviews said it worked to take out permanent hair color. Not only did it not work for me, my head smelled like rotten eggs for 2 weeks.

I had resigned to the fact I would either have to let my hair grow out and try to ignore the auburn roots peppered with grays. Or bleach my hair. Then I ran across myhd Salon Professional DIY Permanent Hair Color Remover. I bought a box of it and crossed my fingers that it would work.

It worked pretty good. My roots are still a couple shades lighter but it definitely stripped the black out. My hair is a dark auburn. YAY!
There is no damage to my hair at all. I will use this product again in the future if I ever need to.

I purchased mine from


Glossybox-October 2012

This is the first subscription box I have ever had. To say I was excited is an understatement. 

 Carols Daughter-Almond Cookie- Shea Souffle'- 4oz
A superbly rich and fast absorbing daily moisturizer containing Shea butter, Cocoa butter, and Jojoba oil to help you reach your skins optimal softness. This Shes souffle' is a non-greasy and free of parabens, minerals oil and artificial colors.

I really love this stuff. It is smooth, creamy, and smells fabulous. The scent also lasted all day. I will definitely be purchasing this when it is gone.

Alterna Bamboo- Luminous Shine Mist- 0.85 oz
 An eco-certified shine mist made with Indian gooseberry and organic bamboo that controls frizz and flyaways. It is a brilliant and weightless gloss for any hair type.

This stuff made my hair feel pretty soft and it did control frizz. The smell had a really strong clean soap smell to me. I did not care for that. I would use it in a pinch but would rather stick to my Moroccan Oil.

Alessandro Pedix Heel Rescue Balm- 1 oz
A perfect foot-care aid for dry, chapped feet imported exclusively from Germany. When used regularly, the rich cream with MarinaVital complex provides lasting protection against calluses.

I have really bad callus on my heels if I do not take care of my feet. It is truly awful. This is a nice cream. It has a nice fresh minty smell to it that is not to over bearing. I have only used it 2 times so I can not say what it does over time but so far I like it.

Heartland Fragrances Exfoliating Loofa Soap- full size 6 oz
A truly unique hand poured loofa soap encased in gentle glycerin provides the perfect blend of moisture and exfoliation. This sap is designed to increase the circulation and is great for exfoliating. Use on rough dry areas.

 If you like hard core exfoliation, this is the soap for you. I on the other hand am a big baby. Seriously, even the brush on a stick things are too much for me.This thing hurt! I was so focused on how much this thing was tormenting me, that I did not really pay attention to the scent. I will stick to my soft billowy puff.

Modelco Lip Duo Lipstick & Ultra Shine Lip Gloss -full size .13 oz color / .07 oz gloss
An ultimate pairing in lip colour- a flawless, long-lasting lipstick & an intense beaming gloss. Each may be worn separately or layered for an individually tailored hue.

The colors I got was Dusk lipstick and Striptease gloss. Nice subtle colors. I like the lip color with the gloss on top best. I don't like the color by itself. The lipstick is nice and creamy and the glossy is a not overly sticky.

I really enjoyed getting this Glossybox. Completely worth the $21. I can't wait till next month!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Starting out

If you would have told me six months ago that I would have a blog like this, I would have laughed. It has been years since I have had any desire to be in the world of beauty. Suddenly I find myself craving it in my life like air. It is SO much fun.

My first plunge into this fabulous world is subscribing to a few beauty box subscriptions. Glossybox, Birchbox, and Sample society. I have also started stalking other blogs. Well, lots of other blogs. I kept finding myself saying "I want to do that!"  So here I am.

I am no expert. I do not even know if I will write a good blog. I just plan on giving my honest opinion on products and try not to have too many misspelled words or run on sentences.